REMINDER: Carbon County Area Ride & Transit (CART) service available

(June 20, 2022 @ 5:20 pm)

CART is a county-wide public transportation service for ALL residents of Carbon County. Call CART at 406-426-4506: the Dispatcher will take your info over the phone. They may need some time to rearrange the schedule to fit you in, but then they will call you back. Call them more than 24 hours in advance; they can book your ride even weeks ahead! The CART service can be used for Doctor/Dental/Eye Care appointments, vaccinations and flu shots, groceries and food banks, senior centers, other shopping, hair appointments, physical therapy, pharmacy, bank/post office, automotive service, to and from work and school, libraries, gyms/yoga, public meetings and events, recreation, and social gatherings. CART now operates Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to Billings and Laurel. Billings/Laurel trips are generally designated for medical-related purposes. Please book your appointments no earlier than 9 am, and no later than 3 pm on those days. For more information on CART go to…/resilientcommunity/transportation/