COVID-19 Information


Official State of Montana COVID-19 Webpage

COVID-19 Projections

Projections on the number of people who will get sick, health care resources, and time scales for the United States and each State.


Official news releases from the State of Montana

Department of Health and Human Services

DPHHS is the state department that oversees Public Health

What do I do if I think I or a family member may be sick?

If you think that you or a family member may be sick, please stay home and call your primary care provider to discuss the appropriate steps to take.

Individuals with symptoms of concern are asked to contact their health care provider by PHONE and discuss the need for an medical evaluation. It is important to call your provider first so that precautions can be taken to reduce the risk to others in their setting in the event someone is diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Beartooth Billings Clinic – 406.446.2345 ext. 2

Mountain View – 406.446.3800 

RiverStone Bridger – 406.662.3740

RiverStone Joliet – 406.962.9062